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       P.C: 315301
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Name: PTFE round cord/tube

Model: SINSTON 4005


Characteristic of the products

PTFE pipe is made by plunger extrusion of suspension polymerized PTFE resin. Among all 
the existing plastics, PTFE has the best corrosion-resistance and dielectricity. 

Use of the products
Lead insulating sleeve, corrosion-resistant pipe, and corrosion-resistant insulating pipe for
different corrosive conditions, heat exchanger.

Specification  External diameter (mm)  Thickness (mm)  Length (mm) 
Call  Tolerance          Call         Tolerance
     Paste-   extruded  0.54.0 0.10.3 0.21.0 0.060.3 4000
 5.025.0 0.51.0 1.025.0 0.30.5
 Molded  10500 0.55.0 7 0.50.5 300

Main technical indicator
Property  Unit  Index 
Apparent density  g/cm  2.102.30 
Tensile strength (min) MPa  18
Ultimate elongation (min) 230

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