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Name: Inner Ring and Outer Ringl for making spiral wound gaskets

Description:SINSTON G6000 also can be processed for inner and outer ring of spiral wound gasket. We make the inner and outer ring by punched for size small then 14 inch, and by lathe for large sizes. If some material is costly, for example SS304, SS316 etc., we can make it by bending and welding with low cost, if the seal face is narrow.


SINSTON G6000 is machined from solid metal sheet in a round shapes and designed for high pressure, high temperature or highly corrosive applications by selecting the most suitable material. It is designed to withstand exceptionally high assembly loads over a small area.

SINSTON G6000 also can be processed for inner and outer ring of spiral wound gasket.
We have enough homemade special groover and angling machines for making inner and outer rings of SWG with good efficiency and lower cost.



ASME B 16.20

1/2 to 24

150LB, 300LB, 600LB

Other Sizes or standard on request


Carbon Steel, with or without zinc coating

SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L

Other special materials:

SS321, SS317L, Duplex 31803,

Ti, Ni, Inc, Hast. Monel, Zr. etc  

Inner and outer ring , Material: SS304

2 150LB

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