Cixi Sinston Sealing Material Factory is one of main exporter & manufacturers of sealing gaskets and high Strength Fasteners in China . lies in Cixi city belonging to Ningbo area of eastern coast in China.
Our Main products including of Industrial Gaskets , Compression Packing, Gasket Sheet & Seal Materials , PTFE Products, Graphite Products, Fiberglass Products,Ceramic Products,Rubber Products and Seal tools , Full thread bolt , Double End Stud Bolt , High Standard and high quality are  appointed as fixed-point products by many domestic middle and big enterprises , are sold far to Japan , South Korea , Brazil , USA , United Kingdom , Middle-East countries and regions , and have found favor in eyes of customers in power ,petrol, metallurgical ,chemical ,building materials ,mechanical , space flight and other trades and overseas market.

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Spiral wound gasket Metal Double Jacketed Gasket  Reinforced Graphite Gasket Corrugated Metal Gasket  Kammprofile Gasket Ring Joint Gasket Metal Flat Gasket Metallic O Ring  Pure PTFE Gasket PTFE Envelope Gasket PTFE Jacketed Gasket with rubber or non-asbestos Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant Tape with Self-Adhesive Rubber o Ring kits Rubber flat cutting Gasket  Braided Graphite tape Braided graphite cloth  Corrugated braided tape with Self-adhesive
Expanded Graphite Packing Die-formed graphite ring Pure PTFE Packing PTFE Packing with oil Graphite PTFE Packing Graphite PTFE Packing with oil GFO Packing Graphite PTFE filament Packing Sintered Graphite PTFE Packing Kevlar fiber Packing Nomex fiber Packing Nomex fiber packing with aramid fiber corners Graphite PTFE & Aramid in zebra braided Packing Expanded Graphite Packing with inconel/steel wire Expanded Graphite Packing with PTFE impregnation Graphite PTFE packing with corners Graphite Packing with Graphite PTFE Corners Graphite Packing with carbon fiber corners Graphite Packing reinforced with Inconel wire and mesh , Graphite Packing with aramid fiber mesh High temperature Jacketed Graphite Packing Carbonized fiber packing with PTFE Carbonized fiber packing with Graphite Carbon fiber packing kynol fiber packing Cotton packing, Arcylic fiber packing,ramie fiber packing fiberglass packing,fiberglass tape fiberglass cloth fiberglass sleeving ceramic fiber tape ceramic cloth ceramic packing ceramic sleeving asbestos packing
Expanded graphite sheet/Roll Reinforced Graphite Sheet , Non-asbestos sheet, oil-resisting non asbestos gasket non asbestos beater sheet soft golden mica sheet soft white mica sheet hard white mica sheet PTFE sheet, Ceramic fiber paper, Rubber sheet, Rubber cork sheet, asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos beater sheet, oil-resisting asbestos rubber sheet
Graphite tape for S.W gasket , Asbestos tape for S.W gasket , Universal PTFE Tape for SW.gasket . Flat Metal Tape( Thickness:02mm) , V-shape Metal Tape( Thickness :02mm) For SW gasket.Aramid fiber yarn Graphite PTFE yarn pure PTFE yarn carbon fiber yarn carbonized fiber yarn
Metal Sheet( Thickness:04mm) for Double Jacketed Gasket . Tanged Metal Sheet , Metal Sheet/Strip ( thickness:2/4mm) for ring . Corrugated Metal Strip ( Thickness:2/4mm)  Oxidized Graphite
:Packing tools ,  Injection Gun , Handy Gasket Cutter , Gasket Double Cutter .Spiral wound Gasket machine , Double Metal Jacketed Gasket machine .
High Strength Fasteners : Full Thread Bolt, Double End Stud Bolt, Nut, Washers etc.