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Add: Zonghan Industry Zone ,
       Cixi City, Zhejiang Province,
       P.C: 315301
Tel: 0086-574-63392037

Name:Braided Expanded Graphite tube

Expanded Graphite Sleeving

Model: SINSTON 5002

Description:Graphite Tube is a braided strip, made of expanded graphite yarn, normal with self adhesive on one side. Inconel wire reinforcement on request. It shows good thermal resistance and high elasticity. 

Graphite Tube
To be used as a endless SINSTON-strip for vessels and flanges of extreme uneveness, high temperature and high pressure.
For Heat-Exchangers, boilers, pipes, doors, covers, ect. Easy handling and installation to every size, also used as a universal-SINSTON during revisions, ect.
Service Limits:
Temperature:        200 +550< C
PH:                        0-14
max. pressure:      100 bar
                              200 bar (metal wire reinforced)
Forms of Supply:
12,7 x 3,2 mm;  25,4 x 6,4 mm;  31,8  x 6,4 mm;  38  x 6,4 mm



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